Bourbon Street Legs

There have been a pair of Legs emerging from a window on Bourbon street for quite some time. There used to be two holes, where two legs popped out. There was a mannequin on a swing. I’m told that sometimes it was a real woman. This project started when the original “Legs” were removed from “Big Daddy’s” strip club, when He was evicted from the building. The new Owner is actually one of the landlords from my old shop on Magazine Street. I did a lot of  Fancy iron work in the renovation of the building, and also the new ‘Legs’, which, in this case, is an entire mannequin sitting on a swing operated by a motor, decorated and ‘Gilded’.

The swing was in my shop for over a year starting in 2013, due to a major problem with one of the actuating arms being bent, and the gear-box bolts being mostly all sheared. There were adjustments possible, and made way past their tolerances. It was maybe two or three years old, and it was already time for an overhaul!

Over the years I’ve had to fix and tweak this thing back so many times! People on Bourbon street love to jump up and hang on stuff!

I fixed it right away,  replaced all the bent parts, replaced the entire motor, and if you had visited my shop or attended one of our house parties, you probably saw the swing in action.  Kids were mesmerized by it, for some reason. and I even took off the mannequin and let people ride on it a few times. Neither me, nor the Owner of Rick’s were in a hurry to put that thing back up. Someone can ride on it, but jumping up from the bottom puts unaccounted for stress on the actuating arms, which are attached to the motor. Everything is lined up for the least amount of friction. One nudge this way or that way makes it less efficient.


It is up, now, and there is a new piece blocking people from jumping up. It’s the longest run the swing has had, almost a year straight!


This less decorated version was a ‘first draft’ This first version of the swing had the entire motor and swing assembly on a track, with a pivoting point to allow it to also operate swinging inside the building, (as pictured). The window would open, the swing pivoted to aim outside, then slid forward on the track, so the legs would reach outside. All these moving parts were awesome, at first. I was pretty impressed with myself, over time, however, it turned out that there was no need for it to move at all, and it would operate a lot smoother if we could fix it in one place.