Three Muses Maple Street Sign

I think it was 2009, that I made the sign for the original Three Muses, on Frenchmen Street. Kind of Petite, a little hard to read at night, without lighting, but unique, in design, Iconic, and i am still pretty proud of it.


The Three Muses are about to open another location on Maple Street Uptown, and I got the honor to make the new sign, a bit Bigger, as is the new Venue, and also the first project started and completed in my New Shop on Franklin Avenue, in New Orleans.

Here are some pics from Start to finish…


I’m using Red Grandis, now, for signs. It is very similar to Spanish Cedar, but More Sustainable, for starters, a tighter grain, more like Mahogany, it doesn’t make your lips numb, from eating Sawdust (Eating Sawdust is a byproduct of sanding, BTW, not intentional), and since it is a Eucalyptus it grows faster, so you are actually getting seemingly older wood than what they dish out for Spanish cedar, these days, in my opinion, which means it doesn’t warp when you cut it, like young wood tends to do. Really pretty color. All the natural moisture and insect repelling properties are similar, according to the data sheets. I like it!




This one should be pretty easy to read. I miss the Wood look, but this Black Stain and Poly mix, and White works for me in a different way.



Three Muses Maple Street Sign




All in all, everything went pretty smooth from Start to finish! Even the installation. I asked the electrician to unhook the previous establishment’s sign’s electricity, which was hard wired, and he took it upon himself to also take that sign down. Bonus for me, since I ended up standing tip-toe on top of the only ladder i brought, to install this one. But really, i usually only need to hook a couple of loops way up, wherever i’m putting in a sign, and hoist it up with two ratcheting pulleys, sometimes, i even stand on my van.