schiros and bgh

I don’t have any pictures of making the Schiro’s sign back in 2001, but i remember getting yelled at by Dr. Bob, the first time we met. I was taking down the old Regal Beer sign, that had been there for who knows how long. Dr. Bob was on a kids bicycle, yelling that he couldn’t see if the store was open, now, from down the street, because the neon open sign wouldn’t be there anymore.

I looked at the sign, and there was only a small piece of script neon left on top. I couldn’t imagine how he could see that from far away.

I told him i was sorry, but i had to make a living. Then i found out he was an artist, and we became friendly acquaintances. He even liked my new sign.

They opened up a B&B upstairs, and i got the job making a sign for that, 8 years later.