A while back i did a collaboration with Dave Fleming. He asked me to come up with a sculpture for his backyard, using some old school Satellite dishes, (The big ones, made up mostly of mesh). After a while, i thought of some insect wings, possibly, and i had just made friends with a glass blower, so i decided to make a little maquette, using the mesh outdoor fireplace cover as the start of a miniature version. They really liked the maquette. Dave wanted to go into business making just the small ones. So, i came up with a more refined version, seen above.  We made about 24 to start, all the same size (about 24″ in diameter) plus a larger one, and a smaller one (36″ and 12″ respectively).

Dave talked Dorian Bennett into letting us have a show in his back yard. Dorian bought, i think, 9, including the larger one. I gave my Mother the smaller one for Mother’s day one year, i think.

We ended up making about 200 and selling all of them.

They were on display at the New Orleans Botanical gardens for about 5 years, and The Sculpture garden even invited us to do an exhibition during the Love in the Garden in about 2012 or 2013, for which we produced about 50.

I really wanted to display them in the big tree across from the Love Sculpture, but they were very strict about wiring, so i ended up putting a car battery up in the tree and rewiring about 6 or 7. The battery held out for the entire month they were on display, even though, technically, i was supposed to un-install them the next day, after the event.