Blast from the Past….


Click on the pic, to see my latest page addition.  I’m still going through all the old pics and putting them where they live, now.

On one hand, it’s good to make a piece, then send it right out into the world, but on the other hand, since i don’t really take pictures of Everything I make, it’s fun to dig up some surprises I forgot about.

User manual for my new website!

Thanks everyone! I’ve had record view numbers over the last few days!

Some cool things about the site that I like, might be confusing to some people, so I thought i would give a few directions.

  1. If you’re looking at the site from a mobile device, and are unfamiliar with where the menu might be, it is at the top of page on right. The Menu Icon. 3 lines.
  2. Look at as many pictures as you want, the “Back to Top arrow scrolls with you, and zooms, when clicked, back up to the top, so you can use the menu symbol on the upper right corner to choose another page.
  3. Pinch and Zoom pics, instead of clicking them (Unless it is marked as a link, which takes you to more pictures you can pinch and zoom to view.
  4. I did these 3 things specifically, so one would never have to open another window or leave the site, until you’re ready.
  5. There’s a lot of info. I’ve wanted to have everything in one place, for a long time, kind of like my own database, to use instead of having all those pics on my phone. So i thought i would just make it all public.
  6. Thanks for all the support,  and Enjoy. -Scot